Villa Marthe – Delicious “charcuterie” made in Oléron Island!

La Villa Marthe 

Local gastronomy in a charming setting

La Villa Marthe is a small charming house built in 1911 and located 2 steps away from the Port de la Côtinière. Its beautiful garden, its lawn and its authentic interior create the atmosphere of the epoch, like inviting guests to travel in time … to the very beginning of the tourism in Oléron.

Being in love with this charming setting we decided to create a cozy place full of sincerity and authenticity where we try to share local gastronomic culture with our guests. At La Villa Marthe we offer delicious charcuterie products, all made in Dolus, on wooden boards.

Make yourself comfortable in the garden under an umbrella, put your feet on soft grass and sand, and try mouthwatering local specialties. At the menu : gratton, grillon charentais, farci charentais, fagot charentais, coudanière, andouille aux herbes, saucisses charentaises, seiches à la saintongeaise, coq au pineau. And of course, don’t forget about excellent local wine produced in Oléron by the Cooperative of Oléron Vignerons and wine-maker Vignoble Vincent, as well as excellent refreshing lemonade made by Stéphane, La Bullerie, which is two steps away from the lighthouse Chassiron. Delicious crispy bread is also locally prepared by Monsieur Planchot, the next door baker, having the title of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF).

Perfect as aperitif, lunch or dinner! Finish your meal with fresh and light strawberry coulis with yogurt. The strawberry coulis is made every morning with fresh local strawberries from the market. Enjoy it with a piece of homemade galette charentaise, the local cake specialty. 

Oléron is well known for its fishing and ostreiculture, a little bit less for the excellent charcuterie. This is our small contribution to help people to explore or to discover it again.

Histoiry of Villa Marthe

La Villa Marthe is a quite unique place. People only lived here during summer. This charming small house located at the back of the garden has no central heating and therefore it is only comfortable to live here when the weather is good. So, try to imagine yourself in 1911, the year of its construction, and imagine first tourists exploring the paths of Oléron. There was no bridge at the time and to find yourself on the beach coast you had to be ready to go through a long journey.

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Le projet de la Villa Marthe est non seulement de mettre en avant le savoir-faire de Dupuy Traiteur mais aussi celui des producteurs locaux. Venez découvrir nos excellents partenaires! 

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